Why “Puppy”?

Posted: July 24, 2012 in kink
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English: MissIsibella, portrait

English: MissIsibella, portrait (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Obviously, I’m not actually a typing, kinky dog. But I do play one on TV.

Early on in our relationship, Boyfriend came home from work and I immediately jumped on him in excitement. He chuckled, patted my head, and from then on I was his puppy.

If you’re unfamiliar with puppy play, I’d like to make it clear that it’s not about bestiality. It’s not the idea of me being a dog that turns us on; it’s the dynamic. He is my Master, and, like a puppy, I get played with, petted, spoiled, collared, pampered– and when necessary, punished.

It works out great for me, because when I get into subspace, I naturally roll myself into a tiny, submissive ball, perfect for leashes and tummy rubs.

Also, I make a good pair with anybody dressed as a kitten…

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