To transgender people, transphobia feels about as familiar as Tuesday. And usually, when we speak up about it, we get either brushed off, screamed at, or just totally invalidated.

I was browsing the “sex” tag today on WordPress and came across two instances of articles with transphobic language (just the usual “tr*nny” and “sh*m*le”) and politely left comments on both posts, expecting to be harassed or ignored. Much to my surprise, BOTH authors apologized and changed their posts to be less offensive and triggering (although one still contains a lot of objectification and cissexism).

While of course they didn’t do anything beyond basic human decency, I was still really pleasantly surprised. Gotta educate one step at a time.

Thanks, NYCBisexConfessions and Chatter Box Media!!

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  1. Week Woman says:

    That’s a great response – and congratulations for having the guts to do it. I just read a horrendously anti-woman post, thought about commenting, then thought about all my past experiences of doing that online and being faced with a brick wall at best, and outright hostility at worst…so I moved on. I will try harder to be brave next time!

  2. Hi again,
    I am very sorry for any offence caused as it was a picture post taken from someone else and posted. I had not noticed or even thought for a split moment it would offend anyone. So I appreciate your understanding and I am so glad you made me aware. Thanks x

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